What to look for in WordPress 6.0?

What to look for in WordPress 6.0?

Users of WordPress have a lot to look forward to, Arturo! It’s finally time for WordPress 6.0. WordPress 6.0 brings brand new features and enhancements to the popular content management system. It aims to simplify site-wide editing with new tools. The new features may impact your existing site themes, plugins, and designs. We walk you through what to expect from 6.0. But first, backup!

WordPress 6.0 installation process

Backup Your Site Before You Update!

Ensure that your website is backed up whenever you update the WordPress core. It is highly recommended that you create a backup of your WordPress database, media library, themes, files, plugins, etc., before proceeding with the update.

As part of the 6.0 upgrade, WordPress re-emphasized the importance of having an effective backup strategy. After an update, you can roll back your website using a WordPress backup plugin like BackupBuddy.

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What is the current WordPress version?

Version 5.9 of WordPress was released in January 2022, while 5.9.3 launched in April. Log into your WordPress administration and click on “Dashboard” or “Updates.” to find out what version of WordPress your site is running. Your WordPress hosting account can also provide you with this information if you use a managed service. 

WordPress 6.0: What’s New?

WordPress has started making its editing easier with Gutenberg. With WordPress 6.0, Gutenberg blocks are even more flexible, thanks to new foundational features. Take a peek at what’s new in this new version. 

  • Switch between global styles

You can change a post or page’s style without changing themes. It works the same way if you switch from light to dark mode on your phone. A different skin can be applied to your website quite easily. You’ll be able to customize your fonts, colours, and other CSS settings. If you wish to change the look of specific parts of your site, or you need to change the entire style of your website while keeping the same theme, you can use this option. 

  • Add New Blocks and Templates

New content types and templates are available in the latest version of blocks for designing and building pages. By using these new blocks, no more custom code or theme templates needed. New blocks are also created for avatars, read more, author biography, no results in query loop, comments, etc.,

Furthermore, you can now edit five additional templates using blocks like taxonomy, categories, date, tags, and author. You can also edit blocks in a more intuitive way with this release of WordPress. 

  • New features also include:
  • Styles are preserved. You can keep custom styles in place if you change a block’s type or create new buttons. 
  • Multi-block text selection. Multiple blocks of text can be highlighted and edited at once instead of having to edit each one separately. 
  • Lock blocks. A block can now be protected from the move, deletion, or both.  
  • Improved List View. A collapsed view lets you see your content quickly. By holding the shift key and choosing multiple blocks, you will be able to make simultaneous changes. 
  • Enhancements to Design Tools

New block design tools are available in WordPress 6.0, including:

  • Choose a color. New style options such as transparency and colour panels make it very easy to style blocks to your liking. 
  • Flexible layout options for groups of blocks. Stack or row your blocks depending on the size of the screen. 
  • Featured Image Cover Block. A featured image can now be set on the cover block. If the featured image is updated, the cover block image will be updated as well.
  • The gallery spacing option. The individual image spacing within the gallery block can be customized. 

How can hosted clients take this forward? 

WordPress core updates are usually included with hosting. When a new version of a website is released, all of the host’s sites will automatically be updated. You can try out Beta releases of WordPress on some hosts. Beta releases of WordPress are available on most accounts. If you plan to use third-party themes, plugins, and custom code, you’ll need to test them on a test or staging site. The official WordPress blog says you shouldn’t test betas on live sites. 

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How Can Sites Prepare for WordPress 6.0?

Whenever you update WordPress, your theme and plugins are the most likely causes of issues. Using a staging site to test the beta version will ensure you know if there are any problems before updating your live site. As with WordPress 6.0, you have all the features you need to edit your site. A Block Theme is required to use many of these features. Some plugins aren’t compatible with blocks, especially if using a page builder. 

Looks like we have got a lot under one roof with WordPress 6.0. We are excited to explore the features. Are you?