WordPress Ecom Portal Easy & Deep Management.

We at WP Repair help you with our exceptional WooCommerce solutions. This is because we know that this is the best platform for developing e-commerce websites. The functionalities that you get from this particular technology helps you reach new heights when it comes to selling your products and services. It also helps you succeed in the rat race to become the topmost company in the domain that you are operating in.

We help you set up your e-commerce store along with customized development and design services

We offer you the best services and solutions as far as sorting out all your WooCommerce problems and issues are concerned. 

We are confident that we are the firm that has the kind of expertise that you need for WordPress development. The same is also applicable for our e-commerce marketing work. Having a service provider like us with you can only empower you to reach your business goals. We would help you convert your online store to the most favoured shopping destination for every one of your customers.

Reasons to use WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin that enables users to create their e-commerce stores from the ground up or add any extra functionality that they want to their current online store.

Among all the e-commerce solutions with one-time payment features, this is perhaps the best option out there. Around 68% of the e-commerce websites these days use WooCommerce in some way or the other. However, these are not the only reasons why you should use this particular software. The other reasons, in this case, maybe enumerated as below:

There are around a million e-commerce websites that are using WooCommerce

  • It can be used in both business models – B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer)
  • It is flexible – you can add any number of WooCommerce extensions for an improved online experience 
  • You can integrate it easily with the content management system that you are using right now 
  • Since this is a WordPress plugin it means that you can also make the most of the other functionalities that the content management system offers you
  • There is no restriction over here which means that you have complete authority for customizing your online business just as your business demands 
  • When you develop your e-commerce store with WooCommerce it means that there is no restriction – you can sell every digital or physical product with complete grace 
  • WooCommerce supports both payment gateways – Stripe and PayPal

A few words on the services that we provide

We offer the following services for our clients:

  • WooCommerce store set up and development 
  • WooCommerce theme design and development      
  • WooCommerce security and maintenance 
  • Store migration to WooCommerce 
  • WooCommerce custom plugin development 
  • WooCommerce API (application programming interface) integration

As part of our WooCommerce store setup and development work, we would help you with installing your WooCommerce store.

Our WooCommerce experts would design and develop templates and themes for your e-commerce store as per your business model. They would also make sure that your site retains its credibility by keeping it out of the clutches of the over-eager computer engineers. We help to migrate your e-commerce store to WooCommerce in such a way that its functionality and integrity are not affected even in the least. If you have any requirements for a WooCommerce extension we would help you with suggestions or work as per your recommendations on the same.

We follow an organic and structured workflow

At the first stage, we are in the process of discovery, which means we are looking for information regarding the project from you. At the second stage, we define the work or provide meaning to the same. After this we focus on providing design – this is where we provide a basic structure to your work.

After this we proceed to the technical part of the work – we call this development. Following this, we deliver the final work. This is basically about converting the dream that you have into reality. Please note that our work just does not end over here. Once we have delivered you the work we provide you support and maintenance, whereby we offer you round-the-clock assistance with the work that we have done for you.