From Manual to Automatic: Elevating Your WordPress Marketing Efforts

At WP Repair we specialize in offering you an inbound marketing automation system that would provide you all the technology that you need to track, nurture, and convert your business leads. This way you would be able to recognize your prospects a lot better and engage with them over time. You would be able to use personalized marketing to move them through the different stages in the lifecycle of such a process. We at WP Repair would analyze the visitors to your websites in real-time and uncover business names along with contact details. This is the way we would deliver you a continuous stream of targeted leads. 

You would be able to identify the businesses that have shown an interest in you and also get important details about them such as their background and contact details, to name a few. You can be sure that the leads that we at WP Repair would identify for you are already doing their research on you as well as the products and services that you have to offer. This is why they would be such great prospects as well. 

A hand popping out of a laptop screen with a loudspeker and robotic hands branching out from the laptop holding WordPress marketing icons

Our WordPress marketing automation is specifically tailored for optimizing WordPress content

At WP Repair we have designed our services from ground zero and now we have the most efficient method as far as generating qualified leads from WordPress is concerned.

We would also like to state in this regard that we can do this continuously for you. For this, we combine visitor identification with allied services such as landing pages, email campaigns, automation services, and contact management. The thing with WordPress is that it offers a great system of content management for your business. We at WP Repair would offer you a marketing automation system that is complete in itself. This way, you would be able to convert, track, and nurture leads with time.

An explanation of how our marketing automation work

Before you hire our services in this regard it is important to understand what it entails. This is because once you understand the process you would have a much clearer idea of what is needed to generate leads. You would get a better understanding of all that needs to be done to automate marketing so that you generate leads and nurture them to become customers. As part of such services, we use the likes of conversion forms and landing pages to change your visitors to leads.

We also use email marketing with this so that we can nurture these leads with time. We also use a CRM (customer relationship management) system to store and track the activity of each such lead. This helps you understand what the lead is interested in and thus progress most appropriately. If you are researching this domain you would already know that marketing automation is being already done at some level or the other by all the B2B (business-to-business) companies. 42% of these companies use marketing automation services and 82% employ email automation. 

Why are our services important for you?

You may have developed a great website on WordPress and also optimized it really well for the various social media channels and search engines.

However, this represents only the start of your marketing automation process. You have to recognize your prospects and engage with them gradually. You have to devote time and effort to such work. You would need to employ techniques of personalized marketing so that you can move them through the different stages of the lifecycle. The good thing is that when you hire a service provider like us you would not have to break your bank to get your marketing automation work done.