How to setup WordPress security for your site

How to setup WordPress security to recover from hacking

Businesses must take precautions since hackers come up with creative ideas to trick users into turning over vital company information. We’ve created a comprehensive list of WordPress security measures to protect a website from hackers.

Selecting a Good Hosting Provider

It is necessary to make investments in WordPress security-based applications before anything goes wrong. It is similar to purchasing and installing a home security system or insurance in the case of an accident. There is no one-size-fits-all approach regarding the security of a website. Therefore, it is necessary to check if the hosting provider prioritizes website protection, or all of this will be for nothing. 

Planning for hosting investments is more crucial than they appear. Instead of choosing the lowest plan or the first hosting provider that comes across, it is wiser to take some time to research all web hosting possibilities that are accessible.

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Installing Trusted WordPress Plugins and Themes for WordPress security

Themes and plugins are easy entry points to a website for attackers. An out-of-date WordPress theme or plugin is vulnerable and is the best point of entry in such conditions. To avoid such a condition, install only reputable plugins and themes that have been examined for compliance with safe coding practices. 

It is best to select themes and plugins that receive regular updates as these are redesigned for security breaches. When purchasing premium plugins and themes, be sure to only select vendors and marketplaces that have a good reputation. Do not use WordPress plugins and themes that are nulled. Finally, remove any plugins or themes that are not in use, as they represent major WordPress security threats. 

Using an SSL Certificate on a WordPress Site

To add an extra layer of safety, SSL can be used to provide a safety protocol for data transfer between the web server and visitors. Users and web servers transmit data in plain text if SSL certificates aren’t used. In contrast, all data transferred on websites with SSL certificates are encrypted.

It is necessary to activate the certificate on your WordPress website once it has been placed on your hosting account. To quickly activate the certificate from your WordPress dashboard, a plugin is necessary.

Upgrade PHP

PHP is the primary programming language in WordPress. The most recent version of this software is crucial to maintaining the website’s functionality and ensuring its WordPress  security. Following every stable release of each version of PHP, full support is available for two years. Every version will receive an additional year of support beyond the first two years, but only for serious WordPress security flaws.

PHP version 7.3 is no longer being supported, while only serious security issues are patched for PHP 7.4. The current recommended PHP versions for WordPress sites are 8.0 and 8.1.

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Basic Computer Firewalling for WordPress security

One might wonder what is the relation between securing a computer and a website. The answer is quite simple. If a user browses or uploads data to a site from a computer that is infected with virus or malware, those files are capable of infecting the website as well. To ensure that a computer is not infected with any virus or malware follow these steps: 

  • Avoid accessing or viewing the website through a public Wi-Fi network or use a VPN while doing so. 
  • Install and update the firewall and anti-virus software to the latest version. 
  • Run regular malware and virus checks on the operating system. 
  • Keeping the operating system and other essential software’s such as the web browser updated. 

Improved Password Protection WordPress security

The first line of defense for securing a WordPress site is its login credentials, yet many website owners don’t use the right procedures for their credentials. Using general usernames and passwords, such as admin or administrators, as well as private information, like a complete name or birth date, is a typical error. 

The first vital piece of advice for creating secure credentials is to avoid using the same username and password combination across several sites. If you use the same login information for several platforms, attackers will be able to access all of your accounts, including the WordPress website, once they have the username and password for one platform. 

Developing a website is easier with WordPress. Due to its widespread use, it’s become an easy target for hackers. Sites that are frequently hacked become easy targets for subsequent attacks. Avoiding hackers is the best way from becoming their target. 

The article provides enough information to keep the website safe from hackers. Users may utilize a variety of precautions to defend their WordPress website against online attacks. By following these simple measures users can be well ahead of the curve.