make a WordPress website into app

How to make a WordPress website into app

“Why do users need an app for their WordPress site?” is something most people keep asking themselves. Apps aren’t great sources of marketing but are useful for customers. Apps provide them with several choices as to how they can interact with the website. With the ongoing boom of mobile-based apps, and with more people accessing the internet through such applications, businesses seem to take advantage of this situation.

Earlier the expense and the trouble of creating an app were high, but now such issues have decreased significantly. In the beginning, many firms were keen on developing such applications, but most weren’t successful in the process. It was either too difficult or expensive as most app developers charged anything between $50 – $150 per hour of work. Fortunately, that is not the situation now. To create an app, users do not require heavy investment or in-depth knowledge of how to code. Currently, there are several choices through which a WordPress site can be easily converted into an app.

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Choosing an Easy to work WordPress Theme

WordPress has advanced to the extent that nearly all contemporary themes are responsive. Implying that the theme should change the style of the website depending on the device used to view it.

However, if the WordPress site isn’t built for mobile phones, the first step would be to make it so. Using a mobile responsive WordPress theme such as Total is a simple and ready-to-use option. However, if the theme isn’t responsive and the users are dead set on not upgrading, some plugins can assist. For example, using a plugin such as Any Mobile Theme Switcher is an easy method.

Any Mobile Theme Switcher

This is one of the most popular plugin choices that are available. The plugin is capable of detecting a viewer’s mobile browser and displays a theme that is tailored to each device. So, if users want to balance several themes – one for each mobile operating system- users may do so as well. Other features of the plugin include device-specific settings, QR code bookmarking, and more.

WordPress App Creator

An important step to create a responsive theme is to utilize an app builder plugin. These are considerably easier to make than developing an app from scratch and feature straightforward options that allow even non-developers to create an app. There are many plugins, let’s take a look at a few of them.


The first WordPress mobile app for the framework is also the largest and most famous one, the AppPresser. Most app builders merely take a feed from the WordPress site, AppPresser allows users to leverage all of their plugins, articles, and other pages. Additionally, it refreshes the app whenever users make changes to their website. The plugin is filled with full e-commerce support. The AppPresser has plans that start from as low as $59 per month.


With prices starting at $120/month, MobiLoud takes care of almost everything for the user. This includes all processes that start from submitting the app to the App Store and Google Play, which gives users the reasoning for the price. The completed app will include cross-device compatibility, generating revenue through ads or subscriptions, push notifications, and more with MobiLoud. When used with the plugin, users can manage their app and push alerts directly from WordPress.

WPMobile App

WPMobile App lets users develop both Android and iOS apps for the website in question. Though the base plugin does not come at a cost, users need to purchase a lifetime license to create their app. The charges begin at 79€ for one app or both at 149€. The plugin has several customization possibilities such as free live testing, automatic app upgrading, social media integration, and premium support.

When users are planning on developing an app for their website, several methods of making sure get done. The above-mentioned methods are straightforward and inexpensive. All the user has to do is install a theme or a plugin on their WordPress website. In case they are looking for something more advanced, it is not something they are going to be able to do themselves. In such a situation, hiring a third-party developer or service is a better option to go with.