Why woocommerce is the ecommerce platform

Why WooCommerce is the eCommerce platform

If you are intending to launch an online store, you might have already encountered the various eCommerce platforms accessible in the market. Leading businesses around the world use the top and best eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce. After looking at the search results, you might have been confused about which platform to choose for creating an eCommerce website. Among these e-commerce platforms, WooCommerce is the most popular and preferred one. Have at look at some other facts of WooCommerce platform right below.

What Refers to WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is nothing but the WordPress plugin. The use of this plugin will convert a standard website into an online store. It was established in 2015 as an open-source plugin. You would learn further why business owners mostly prefer WooCommerce to build an interactive eCommerce website.

Reasons for Being WooCommerce the Best eCommerce Platform

Check out the reasons right below why you should consider WooCommerce for your online business and why it is best.

WooCommerce is Affordable

When making decisions, the cost is a key consideration. Since WooCommerce is an open-source plugin of WordPress, you can download it for free. You can make your site responsive for all kinds of devices by hiring WooCommerce developers at very reasonable rates. It is quite flexible and reliable for the development of eCommerce businesses. All credit goes to its advanced features of free themes, plugins, and more.

Comes with Advanced In-built Plugins

When it is about choosing an easy in-built tool, WooCommerce is the best choice to prefer. With a few clicks, the sophisticated plugins of WordPress start the functions. When business owners hire WooCommerce developers, they add all the crucial plugins needed to run the online store effectively. WooCommerce gives you the option to expand your paid plugin library to handle the eCommerce website’s complexity.

Personalising the Storefront

WooCommerce offers a great range of paid themes and free themes as well. For all product niches, there are free themes that can be quickly installed to build an online storefront. By hiring a WooCommerce developer, you can customize the design to suit your company’s needs. The custom design of the online store affects customer purchases. In addition, it benefits the company by helping it stand out from the competition.

User-friendly and Very Familiar         

WordPress is considered the world’s best content management system (CMS). Similarly, WooCommerce is the most accessible eCommerce platform that the majority of non-technical people can use. WooCommerce’s user-friendly admin panel makes it simple to update a product’s status without the help of a specialist.

Effective and Powerful Analytics

WooCommerce analytics offers incredibly clean, understandable, and intuitive data that business administrators can use to recognize the potential actions to increase sales and revenue. If the company owner uses some external analytics software, it can also be integrated when WooCommerce developers are hired. According to the categories, date, site visitors, month, and many other factors, the developer sets the parameter that makes it simple to extract the data.

Plenty of Room for Growth

Updates to the eCommerce industry are ongoing, and necessary adjustments must be made regularly to meet customer and industry demands. WooCommerce has APIs that can be used to extend data retrieval with thorough library documentation. It gives the freedom to make the adjustments required for the SEO to rank highly on the SERP

Other Benefits of WooCommerce

WooCommerce has several features that can transform any WordPress site into an effective eCommerce experience. Check out some of the other benefits of WooCommerce which are as follows:

  • Incredibly scalable features
  • The ability to quickly load up to a million products
  • Improved SEO optimization of product pages, which increases traffic
  • Possibility for innovative, effective integrations
  • Supported by a global community dedicated to keeping it secure and up to date
  • A modular system means that website owners have full control over what their platform does rather than straddling the borderlines of the commercial interest of someone else.
  • The potential to adapt to a variety of industries

As previously stated, the best thing about WooCommerce is its ability to grow. Users can add additional extensions and plugins to the platform, which can transform a simple eCommerce business into a multi-functional storefront when adopted by a professional developer. WooCommerce is somewhat similar to WordPress which allows you to design your own eCommerce platform.

Bottom Lines

WooCommerce works extremely well for most eCommerce businesses. However, when properly implemented, it thrives for medium-to-large-sized businesses. Apart from the above-given reasons and benefits, there are even more compelling reasons to use WooCommerce for eCommerce website development. WooCommerce is jam-packed with advanced features, making it a one-stop shop for startups, sellers, and entrepreneurs looking to build their own web presence with robust technology and awesome design. Therefore, you can definitely try WooCommerce as the best solution for scaling your business no matter if it is small, medium, or large.